Eyelids Heritage

Finally here, we are so excited to share our Raya haji 2020 collection which we named the Eyelids Heritage. Kebarung eyelids, Nona kebaya and Sweet pea kebaya. Designed with a classic kebaya and kebarung cutting. All our eyelids heritage have our signature marble button.
I’m happy to be able to share a little piece of my world and the magic of tiqa collection with everyone. This allows us to realise our dreams of passing on all that we love to every woman, size, and generation.

Melaka (behind the scenes)

Once upon a time in Melaka, our photoshoot Raya Haji campaign. We escaped the city of Kuala Lumpur and when all the way to Melaka.

Once upon a time in Melaka

we see here a world-that-was, gone but never forgotten. We chose liumen hotel because of the combination of colonial art deco shapes mixed with vibrant melaka peranakan influence. The blend of #eyelidsheritage will be perfect for our raya haji 20 collection
Every section tells a different story

The intricate maze of stairwells, this rich tapestry of history adds character to a property, and is reflected in the décor and interior design. Built in 1939 fast forword 80 years later, the building was beautifully restored.

Come along with us as we take you behind the scenes of this beautiful collection as we captured the collection. Location taken at the hotel itself and Jalan Tokong or as the local say Jalan Harmony.

How wonderful, she wore the scent of early spring on her delicate neck and every kiss i stole tasted of substle small yellow flower buzzing bees. Meet our very own “Sweet Pea Kebaya”.
Our love of “Kebarung Eyelids, ” Everything meant to be will be” perfect for your special day.

Last but not list our “Nona Kebaya Eyelids” a statement cotton lace. Now more than ever, this collection is reflects our belief that all women should feel powerful, feminine and beautiful.
We’re forever grateful for your love and support.

much love atiqahfauzi

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