Iris Blouse

RM 165.00

Classic, a little of edge, but always a chic

More white blouses and this time you can wear it two ways. Iris is designed with a bow tie neck that you can wear in two ways. Its minimum puff shoulder and cuff sleeve will make you look gorgeous.

  • Minimum puff shoulder
  • Bow tie neck
  • Two way blouse
  • Cuff sleeve
  • Front pleated
  • Fully lined
  • Opacity 10/10
  • Upgraded lining material
  • Embroidered cotton

Care Instructions

  • It is advisable to wash by hand. However, if you prefer to wash it using a washing machine, you may put it in a laundry bag.
  • Customers are advised not to mix it with colourful garments.
Model wearing size SM

*Due to hygiene we cannot accept exchange or returns on non faulty items so please choose carefully.

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